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Holistic and Reiki Energy Healing Forum

Welcome and thank you for subscribing to our forum where we provide a community for holistic healers to gain insight and clarity for their healing journey.  Teri's highly trained and certified team members include individuals who are skilled in Reiki/Reiki Masters, Shamanic practitioners, Sacred Geometry, Pranic Healing and more.  Each expert is here to share what they have learned on their path in the hopes that your life will be more empowered, whether personally or professionally.

The whole point of this forum is to learn, so for that very reason there is no such thing as a dumb question. If searching hasn't helped, just ask and then bask in the goodness of knowing that hundreds of people in the future will benefit from the answers that you elicit. 

The official language here is English and all communications should be in English please. That's not because we don't respect other languages, but because it's the one language we all understand!


In order to try to maintain a certain level of quality in discussions here, we ask that you strive to ensure that each post you make is:


  • Meaningful – says something of substance

  • Relevant – on topic and helpful, not generic advice

  • New – something that hasn’t already been said in the thread

  • Polite - Nothing further to add on that!  


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Happy posting :)